Monday, September 28, 2009

Love is in the air...

My sister's wedding was Saturday. I cannot express how awesome, how surreality-shattering it was. I knew heading into the weekend that the reality of her getting married had not really hit me yet ... as if there's something one should feel, and that feeling was missing. While taking photos of the reception, hanging out at the reception dinner, & taking photos of the wedding, I don't believe it'd hit me yet. Then, while standing on the concrete rim of a memorial behind the chairs, straining to gain elevation and the best angles for shots, I looked down from Micah and Reggye's smiling faces to their clasped hands... her thumb never ceasing, always rubbing his hand. I almost lost it.

We definitely have a great, great, grand, expressive & loving family. Being present to celebrate their love was a true joy, and I hope their love proves over the years to be a clear example to others. They are so sweet on each other.

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